History of the company

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd received license number 49755  from Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade (SAMT) on 11/29/2012. therefore, to prevent the sale of crude and create added value in the country’s oil industry, by converting gas condensate into quality products Market needs and exports to the Persian Gulf countries, CIS, and neighboring countries were established

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd is located in one of the best strategic locations in Iran and the Yazd Special Economic Zone with an area of 42,000 m2, using Advanced facilities, technologies, and expert staff. This company produce more than 12 types of gas condensate and more than 45 final products (blending hydrocarbons)


we are always wanted to find new ways to improve our performance and create more beneficial collaborations for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Due to the establishment of comprehensive management systems HSE, IMS and QMS, the production process makes safer and more efficient, so ultimately products produce with standards and higher quality

Due to expert staff, the establishment of a comprehensive management system, and also the Observance of national and international quality standards in the production of products, Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd earned the topic of the Top Industrial Company in 2018 and the Top Exporter Company in 2019

It is noticeable that on January 23, 2022, the company’s products such as heavy and light Hydrocarbons, are offered on the energy exchange and traded as standard

As a leader in the production of petroleum products, we believe that expert staff is the main factor of progress and development in industries, so in the Nik Baspar Yazd group, we tried to build schools (Nik Andishan 1 and Nik Andishan 2) in Yazd. In this way, we provide access to education for our children so they can use their talents and build their lives better, and finally develop industries in our country

Managers of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd believe in sustainable development and protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution as a public duty. In this regard, they have always tried to create sustainable value by providing solutions. According to them: “We must create sustainable values together and for everyone”, which means that if we produce products and fuel without any pollution, we will have more benefits for society and also a cleaner environment in the future

Due to the high amount of mercaptan present in South Pars gas condensates and

environmental problems, this company conducted research and development on mercaptan removal processes. on August 8, 2021, the company obtained a patent for a new process completely compatible with the environment. It was published as a “discontinuous gas condensate demercaptanization process”. This unit was built within the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone that can demercaptanize 5,000 barrels of gas condensate per day

This will not be the only action of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd to produce high-quality products and protect the environment, we will always try to provide solutions that create sustainable value


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