Production of standard product

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Refining Company is able to produce quality and competitive products at the global level by establishing HSE and IMS systems.

Strategic location

Ease of exporting and clearance of goods to neighboring and non-neighboring countries due to their location in the special economic zones of Yazd and Assaluyeh

Demercaptanized product

Acquiring the patent and establishing a mercaptan removal unit in Assaluyeh is a major step forward in protecting the environment and producing high-quality products.

Top industrial company

Due to buoyant economic activity, this company won the statue of the top industrial company in 2018 and the top exporter company in 2019.

Supply in the energy exchange

Approval of supply of products in the energy exchange due to having a history of reliable activity and establishing the standard production systems

Customer support

Customer support to receive products on time and prevent interruption in the production process, providing amenities until the end of loading

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About Company

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd received license number 49755 from Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade (SAMT) on 11/29/2012. By converting gas condensate to quality products, not only has Petro Palayesh Nike Yazd company prevented the sale of crude and created value added in the country’s oil industry, but it also has created an opportunity for exporting its products to Persian gulf countries, CIS, and neighboring countries.

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd is located in one of the best strategic locations in Iran and the Yazd Special Economic Zone with an area of 42,000 m2, using state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and expert staff…

Products Of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd

میعانات گازی مرکاپتان زدایی‌شده

Demercaptanized Raw gas condensate

وایت اسپریت حلال 402

White spirit solvent 402

هیدروکربن سنگین

Heavy hydrocarbon

هیدروکربن سبک

Light hydrocarbon

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